2017 Workshops

What Level Am I?

When deciding for which workshops to sign up, please read and adhere to the dancer skill level criteria to help guide your decision. Please be honest so we may offer the best possible learning environment for all registrants. If you have any questions, please contact us!

SKILL LEVEL PLACEMENTS: Taking a page from our good friends at Bal-Ast Off! (you should go), we are asking all Track A and B registrants to attend a mandatory extra class on Saturday morning during which our instructors will group dancers into one of the two tracks. The purpose of this will be to help ensure the best learning environment for all attendees. It will basically be a regular class in which you will learn something cool and helpful to your dancing. So not nearly as stressful as a traditional level test and you get an extra class for free!


Erica and Ryan will lead attendees in discovering the joys of Lindy Hop. Take this track if (1) you've never danced a step in your life; (2) you're a Lindy Hopper looking to brush up on basics; or (3) you're an experienced dancer, just not in Lindy. In order to provide the optimal learning environment, we are limiting the number of registrants to 10 leads and 10 follows. This will provide more hands-on attention from our instructors. In addition we are only offering one 2-hr workshop per day in an effort not to overload students and to allow them to absorb a higher percentage of the concepts and movements taught. Registration is for the entire track only.





Track A

Dancers taking these workshops generally have at least 6-12 months of dedicated Lindy Hop experience through classes and social dancing. They should know how to execute a swing out, basic Lindy Charleston, and comfortably move between 6- and 8-count moves. Dancers should incorporate good frame and connection in their everyday dancing.

Track B

Dancers taking these workshops have been dancing for at least 2 years and travel to exchanges and/or workshop/competition events in their home region. Dancers in Track B should be comfortable picking up new moves and steps fairly quickly, understand how swing music is structured, what it means to connect with your partner, and the concept of creating your dance to the changes in the music.




Master Classes

There will be one master class in Lindy Hop (taught by Skye & possibly Naomi) and one in Balboa (taught by Sylvia & Nick). Each class will be limited to 10-12 leads and 10-12 follows. Dancers accepted to take these classes should be among the top-level dancers and are (but not requried to be) instructors in their home scene, regularly travel to events outside their home scene, and show a dedication to working on improving their dancing, not necessarily through increasing their move arsenal but more related to technique, variations, and connecting to the music.