2016 Workshops

What Level Am I?

When deciding for which workshops to sign up, please read and adhere to the dancer skill level criteria to help guide your decision. Please be honest so we may offer the best possible learning environment for all registrants.

SKILL LEVEL PLACEMENTS: Taking a page from our good friends at Bal-Ast Off! (balastoff.com...you should go), we are asking all intermediate and advanced track registrants to attend a mandatory extra class on Saturday morning during which our instructors will group dancers into one of the two tracks. The purpose of this will be to help ensure the best learning environment for all attendees. It will basically be a regular class in which you will learn something cool and helpful to your dancing. So not nearly as stressful as a traditional level test and you get an extra class for free!

PLEASE NOTE that the Advanced track will have one or two intermediate Balboa classes (hey, we do have Sylvia Sykes after all). Those who are not comfortable executing the Balboa basic (up hold and down hold) and a come around or who are not interested in taking these classes are invited to take the concurrent intermediate track classes. We will also be offering a concurrent advanced solo jazz class on Saturday. The instructors reserve the right to ask attendees to go to the non-Balboa class if they feel that the basic Balboa class criteria previously described are not being met.


Erica and Ryan will lead attendees in discovering the joys of Lindy Hop. Take this track if (1) you've never danced a step in your life; (2) you're a Lindy Hopper looking to brush up on basics; or (3) you're an experienced dancer, just not in Lindy. In order to provide the optimal learning environment, we are limiting the number of registrants to 10 leads and 10 follows. This will provide more hands-on attention from our instructors. In addition we are only offering 2 workshops per day in an effort not to overload students and to allow you to absorb a higher percentage of the concepts and movements taught. Registration will be for the entire track only.

In this track, Erica and Ryan will start with 6- and 8-count footwork and comfortably shifting between both, closed position basics, and then on to circles and the swing out.  You will also learn about connection, frame, and other essential lead/follow concepts. 





Dancers taking these workshops should know how to execute a swing out, basic Lindy Charleston, and comfortably move between 6- and 8-count moves. Dancers should incorporate good frame and connection in their everyday dancing. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Swingouts Every Which Way - Besides turning up your basic swingouts, you will learn different ways to do the signature move of Lindy Hop. (Naomi & Peter)

Keeping The Flow Through Patterns - If you want to keep the whole dance looking great, let's work on keeping our flow no matter what we are doing. (Sylvia & Skye)

Keep Them Guessing - You won't want to be too predictable in your dancing so some redirections keeps everyone on their toes. (Naomi & Peter)

Intermediate Solo Jazz - The always popular solo jazz routine workshop will give you steps you can incorporate into your dancing and help improve your solo dancing. (Skye)

Fancy Steps (Int and for Advanced Track participants that don't want to take the Balboa class) - If you want to look fancy, you need to know how to do a variety of footwork variations. Don't worry these will challenge all levels. (Naomi & Skye)

Slow Dancing- What do you do when the music slows down? Learn some techniques and sweet moves to do when the bpms go down. (Sylvia & Skye)

A Little Off The Ground - Some simple and easy moves that let you leave the ground. You know these will look great. (Naomi & Peter)

The Last Roundup - After two days of classes, our instructors will decide what to teach to best suit the needs of both tracks overall and keep things light and fun in our traditional combined final class of the weekend. (Naomi & Peter, Sylvia & Skye)




Dancers taking these workshops should be comfortable picking up new moves and steps fairly quickly, understand how swing music is structured and the concept of creating your dance to the changes in the music.

Nuances of Leading and Following - No matter how good of a lead or follow you are, there is room to improve. You will take away something to work on for your leading and following so everyone will want to dance with you! (Sylvia & Skye)

Ad Libbing Without Ruining The Flow - It's fun to throw in unexpected variations but not if it interrupts the flow of the dance or affecting your partner. Learn how to ad lib while keeping that flow!. (Naomi & Peter)

Turning Techniques - Manage drift, turn speeds and double turns because turns are cool. (Sylvia & Skye)

Advanced Solo Jazz - Get intimate with your solo steps which will improve your styling in this class. (Naomi)


So You Think You Can Bal?- How often do you dance pure bal for a whole song? In this class you will work on counter body in your pure bal as well as interesting patterns so you can stay closed for a whole song. (Sylvia & Peter)

Mastering Out and Ins - Get the ins and outs of this classic Balboa move that is more intricate than it looks. (Sylvia & Peter)

Slip 'N Slide - You probably know a slide or two but slides can be integrated in various parts of the dance. See how many places you can put slides in your dancing. (Naomi & Peter)

How To Make That Move Your Own - We all know many of the same moves. This class will help you make that move yours! (Sylvia & Skye)