2017 Bands and DJs

Mint Julep Jazz Band

With their their big band lineup of 4 horns, rhythm section, and vocalist, the Mint Julep Jazz Band recreates the hot jazz sounds of the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s through arrangements based on original recordings from the jazz and swing eras. They have become a favorite among dancers and we are proud to have them at Jammin' this year!


Gypsy Roots

Steeped in American blues, swing, Latin, and jazz, Gypsy Roots draws upon the strong influence of music within the Gypsy diaspora, particularly the style pioneered by the legendary Gypsy guitar genius, Django Reinhardt. The tradition of this music continues today as contemporary Gypsy musicians move forward to create exhilarating and vibrant tapestries of sound with one ear firmly fixed on their rich cultural past. It is within this philosophy that Gypsy Roots creates its sound, full of passion, fun, fire and promise. We are very excited to have Gypsy Roots return to Jammin' this year!


Head DJ - Qui Nguyen

Before setting foot on her first dance floor, Qui has always been in search of good music. From scouting out local shows to digging through dusty record store crates, her motto was, if it moved her, it was good music. So it was quite normal for her to fall in love with swing music and swing dancing! You can always catch her listening and dancing close to the bandstand at any number of swing, Balboa, or blues events. You might even find her in the DJ booth, either in her hometown of Richmond, VA, or at events throughout the region.


DJ - Dave Barry

Dave first cut his DJ chops at the Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore under the stressful and terrifying tutelage of Michael Seguin and Sarah Sullivan. Completing the circle of life, he now runs the Jazz Den in Richmond, Virginia so he can yell at his own DJs. Dave's music can only be described as having "oomph" starting with classic jazz and ending with a soulful twist. He is not associated with the humor columnist from the Miami Herald but is happy to do book signings. This is Dave's second year DJing at Jammin'.

DJ - Brad Nathanson

Brad began swing dancing in 1998 after seeing the movie "Swingers" and thinking to himself "If they can teach Jon Favreau how to dance like that, surely I have a shot at it!" He fell in love with it and started DJing in his hometown of Charlotte, NC in 2011. Since then he has been named resident DJ for GottaSwing Charlotte, and played at many events around town and throughout the east coast.