2016 Bands and DJs

Boilermaker Jazz Band

With their unique brand of musical Americana and hot jazz revelry, the Boilermaker Jazz Band brings the party to you! The Band interprets the great American song book in their own unique fashion, bringing the swinging sounds of the jazz age back to life. You’ll hear familiar classics and rarities performed by superb instrumentalists and heartfelt vocalists. From concert halls to dances, festival stages to elegant soirees, listeners and dancers agree — with their infectious beat and enthusiasm this band can make any crowd move! We are excited to have the Boilermakers back at Jammin' this year!


Blue Crescent Syncopators

Formed in 2007 as The Blue Crescent Quintette, but now a power quartet, Blue Crescent Syncopators plays from the heart..and usually without sheet music! All the greatest jazz tunes of the 20's and 30's done up right with some spice and swing. Perfect for listening, dancing, or having a Mardi Gras/Speakeasy party. Leader Craig Gildner makes his fifth trip to Jammin' with the Syncopators after playing the inaugural event with one of his other bands, the Blue Sky 5, back in 2003.

Gypsy Roots

Steeped in American blues, swing, Latin, and jazz, Gypsy Roots draws upon the strong influence of music within the Gypsy diaspora, particularly the style pioneered by the legendary Gypsy guitar genius, Django Reinhardt. Terms such as jazz manouche, Gypsy Jazz, and "string swing" have been applied to this genre of music created and explored by Reinhardt and his Roma brethren. The tradition of this music continues today as contemporary Gypsy musicians move forward to create exhilarating and vibrant tapestries of sound with one ear firmly fixed on their rich cultural past. It is within this philosophy that Gypsy Roots creates its sound, full of passion, fun, fire and promise. We are very excited to have Gypsy Roots return to Jammin' this year!


Head DJ - Erica Vess

Artist, DJ, and flapper girl extraordinaire, Erica Vess wears many hats (literally and figuratively), but her most important job is keeping you on the dance floor. With an ear for danceability, a keen sense of pacing, and a heapin' helping of good-time nerdiness, Erica's musical Kung Fu is strong. In addition to spinning tunes at Richmond's regular weekly dances, she has been a featured DJ at Jammin' on the James, The Lindustrial Revolution, and Beantown Camp. Erica loves to take dancers on a journey: her idea of the perfect set is a cross between a swingin' speakeasy and a rockin' juke joint, with an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesome on the side. Hey y'all, pass the gravy!

DJ - Dave Barry

Dave first cut his DJ chops at the Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore under the stressful and terrifying tutelage of Michael Seguin and Sarah Sullivan. Completing the circle of life, he now runs the Jazz Den in Richmond, Virginia so he can yell at his own DJs. Dave's music can only be described as having "oomph" starting with classic jazz and ending with a soulful twist. He is not associated with the humor columnist from the Miami Herald but is happy to do book signings.

DJ - Helene Horowitz

Helene has been a DJ for forever, and she's been dancing even longer! She's always in motion, moving between home scenes in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, but she finally escaped New England for life inside the DC Beltway in 2012. Sometimes she plays the blues, sometimes she swings, but no matter what she plays, it is always memorable and fun! This is her first time as DJ at Jammin' on the James, and she can't be more excited!